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Where’s the Water Gone?

These adorable 5 week old golden retriever puppies start to go really mad when they realise that nobody had filled their pool!

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Dancing Dog Laughing Baby

This is soooo cute.

Chopper the dog has got some pretty groovy dance moves.

And his baby friend thinks they’re hilarious.

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Charcoal and His Red Bucket

Charcoal the Labrador loves his red bucket.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a happy dog.

Here’s a great video full of happy dogs!

Mini Dachshund vs Mirror

This mini dachshund puppy is over the top cute and he is obviously having a lot of fun with his new found friend in the mirror!

If you love Dachshunds then you’ll the video Dachshund vs Shark.

The Sleeping Dog

This lovely pooch really is fast asleep…….how can we tell?

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Dog Trained to Carry Cat Home

How do you even train your dog to do something like this?

The little guy actually picks up and carries home the family cat!

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The Sausage Stealer

This is hilarious! Elmo the hungry Chihuahua pulls one over on his much larger buddies.

Here’s a great video about a dog who likes sausages.

Dog Plays Piano and Sings

This fabulous pooch could give Elton John a run for his money anyday!

Here’s a cute video of a Husky pup learning to howl.

Happy Dogs!

There’s nothing so great as seeing a group of happy dogs playing on the beach.

Australian dog trainer Catmantoo has compiled this awesome video to the great tune Happy by Pharrell Williams and he’s even included his cat (who acts like a dog) Didga!

Here’s a super video of a dog that loves playing in water “Sliding Doberman.”

Guilty Puppy

Is this cute little pooch guilty or not guilty?

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