What a Cheeky Pooch – 28th May 2014

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The face you get if you eat on the sofa……

on the sofa

What an awesome doggie!

saved from fire

This Chocolate Labrador is toooo adorable!

choc lab

What a cheeky pooch!

sandwich LOL

How adorable is this pic?

before and after

I love to feel the wind in my hair!

Don’t you?

wind in my hair

What a little cutie…

bedtime story puppy

How cheeky!

paws off the couch

I think this dog is trying to find out what it’s like to be a cat!

dog trying out what it's like to be a cat

Yes of course I will!

squeak toy

This adorable pooch is called Socks.

I wonder why!


Doesn’t it just warm your heart……

coming home