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Sliding Doberman

This lovely Doberman is having a whale of a time!

Apparently she loves playing in the pool more than her humans do!

Check out this other video of two dogs that really enjoys life!

Sausage Dog

This pooch is adorable and determined!

If only his legs were a little longer.

I think his owners are a bit mean but all is good at the end!

Here’s another little dog that really doesn’t like what comes through the letter box!

This Dog Knows the Difference!

This video cracked me up.

This dog certainly knows the difference between a bath and a walk.

Can you guess which one he prefers?

And here’s a great video about a dog who takes liberties when his humans are out.

Dog and Toddler Play the Blues

This is really sweet.

These two create a great duet together!

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A Prayer Before Dinner

These lovely dogs have been well trained by their human.

To the point that saying a prayer before mealtime is part of their daily routine. And they tidy up afterwards!

I wish I could get my kids to do that!

Here’s another great video of dogs behaving at mealtime.

Dog Attacks Mail

This cute little pooch shows no mercy when the mailman makes a delivery.

Have you seen the lovely video of a Cute Bulldog Tries To Argue His Way Out Of Bedtime?

This Dog Wants a Kitty!

This is off the scale hilarious.

Claude the dog is very excited about the prospect of getting a new kitten!

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Bulldog Puppy Loves Kissing the Baby

This is ever so sweet.

A young Bulldog puppy is getting to know the other new edition to the family.

Here’s another cute Bulldog that doesn’t want to go to bed.

Puppy vs Under-Blanket Dog

This is sooo cute.

Maymo and Penny are two lovely pooches having a lot of fun on the sofa.

have you seen the great video of the Bouncy Boston Terrier Puppy?

Yoga Time with a Cute Chihuahua

Are you ready for your yoga session?

Have you seen the great video Dogs love trampolines too?