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Pupcake Anyone? – 7th May 2014

Today’s best dog and puppy pictures from our Facebook page – ‘Like’ us on Facebook to be the first to see these every day.

Awwwww, this picture is soooo precious, what a happy family!

happy family

Love this!


This little darling is a New Bernese Mountain Dog….

New Bernese Mountain Dog

What a fabulous pic!

big nose


secret lovers

Lassie! You bad doggie!


This little fella is a chocolate Lab/Husky cross.

chocolate lab husky

Man’s best friend…….

dog in car

Love this!

moms shoes

The proof that size doesn’t matter!

dog and bunny

It’s time for tea…..

Pupcake anyone?


I’m just showing you the ropes!

I'm just showing you the ropes

What a happy doggie!

my favourite ball

This happens in my house all the time….

What about yours?

my chair

Could this dog be fan of the pop group The Police?

every snack

What a cutie!

windy pup

Dinner time already?

Errrr, I don’t think that’s yours little pooch!

doggie deserves dinner

Ultimate dog selfies!




Dogs Playing Fetch By Themselves

It’s really cute but it seems a shame that these doggies don’t have anyone to play with!

Here’s a great video of a dog playing ball with a very strange companion!

Happy Dogs!

There’s nothing so great as seeing a group of happy dogs playing on the beach.

Australian dog trainer Catmantoo has compiled this awesome video to the great tune Happy by Pharrell Williams and he’s even included his cat (who acts like a dog) Didga!

Here’s a super video of a dog that loves playing in water “Sliding Doberman.”

Guilty Puppy

Is this cute little pooch guilty or not guilty?

Have you seen the great Dog and Toddler Play the Blues video?

Awesome Beagle Pup – 30th April 2014

Today’s best dog and puppy pictures from our Facebook page – ‘Like’ us on Facebook to be the first to see these every day.

What an awesome Beagle pup.

I want I want I want!

beagle pup

Do you do this with your dog?

wink back

How true is this?!

dog side

Love this!


How adorable is this pic?

And wouldn’t you just love to take them home!

3 pups

These Husky pups are off the scale cute.

But what do you think he is saying to his sibling?

Husky Pups

Oooer Mrs! What on earth is going on here!!

hear me now

I bet this magnificent hunting dog has a few stories to tell!

hunting dog

I think this is a Shar Pei puppy, what ever he is he’s adorable!

shar pei puppy

These cool dudes are stuck in a time warp!

How cool is that?

the 70's

OMG this little puppy is soooooo cute!

omg cute pup

This is certainly true in my house.

What about yours?

dog hair



Sliding Doberman

This lovely Doberman is having a whale of a time!

Apparently she loves playing in the pool more than her humans do!

Check out this other video of two dogs that really enjoys life!

Sausage Dog

This pooch is adorable and determined!

If only his legs were a little longer.

I think his owners are a bit mean but all is good at the end!

Here’s another little dog that really doesn’t like what comes through the letter box!

Awwwwww! – 22nd April 2014

Today’s selection of the best dog and puppy pictures from our Facebook page – ‘Like’ us on Facebook to be the first to see these every day.

I concur!


Time for a little chill out……

chill out time



Awwwww, yes I will little puppy!

cute puppy looking up


no touching the dog

I think this little pooch needs some cheering up……

happy dog

What a dinky little Dachshund.

tiny dachshunds

Yes I think he is!

download (5)

OMG a basket of puppies!

basket of puppies

This cute puppy deserves a big awwwwww!

cute puppy


This Dog Knows the Difference!

This video cracked me up.

This dog certainly knows the difference between a bath and a walk.

Can you guess which one he prefers?

And here’s a great video about a dog who takes liberties when his humans are out.

Dog and Toddler Play the Blues

This is really sweet.

These two create a great duet together!

See some more Musical Dogs here.