Awesome Beagle Pup – 30th April 2014

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What an awesome Beagle pup.

I want I want I want!

beagle pup

Do you do this with your dog?

wink back

How true is this?!

dog side

Love this!


How adorable is this pic?

And wouldn’t you just love to take them home!

3 pups

These Husky pups are off the scale cute.

But what do you think he is saying to his sibling?

Husky Pups

Oooer Mrs! What on earth is going on here!!

hear me now

I bet this magnificent hunting dog has a few stories to tell!

hunting dog

I think this is a Shar Pei puppy, what ever he is he’s adorable!

shar pei puppy

These cool dudes are stuck in a time warp!

How cool is that?

the 70's

OMG this little puppy is soooooo cute!

omg cute pup

This is certainly true in my house.

What about yours?

dog hair