Dog Videos

Husky Pup Doesn’t Want a Bath

We all probably know that Huskies have a habit of trying to talk. But listen to how argumentative he is – What a fluffy little stubborn pup!

Watch what happens when his owner tells him to get in the bath. I laughed out loud.

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Dog Shaming – Would You Do This To Shame YOUR Dog?

We’re not sure if it’s right to allow dog shaming!

But the question is, would you go this far to shame your dog?

You’re Doing What With The Baguette?

Where do you think you’re going with that?

Delighted in his acquisition of an entire whole baguette, this pup heads straight to hide the treasure.

But wait… How to get it inside?

There seems to be some kind of mysterious obstruction!

You Won’t Believe What Happens at The Vets

You won’t believe this video of a dog working at the vets. This is incredible.

Who needs admin staff with dogs like this around? You won’t believe what happens when you go to visit this vet!

Check out the video.

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He’s So Worried About Daddy!

Bless this poor worried doggie!

He scrambles to the rescue when he thinks his dad is in trouble. Listen to how concerned he is – you can tell how much he loves his owner.

Puppies vs. Stairs

I’m sure that we’ve all seen this right of passage for our dogs. When you first bring them home, or if you’ve been lucky enough to have your own litter, watching them grow from tiny pups is magical.

And, it’s full of funny and amusing moments – just like these when they ;earn to master the stairs….or not!