Dog Videos

Puppy vs Under-Blanket Dog

This is sooo cute.

Maymo and Penny are two lovely pooches having a lot of fun on the sofa.

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Yoga Time with a Cute Chihuahua

Are you ready for your yoga session?

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Cute Bulldog Tries To Argue His Way Out Of Bedtime!

This cute Bulldog puppy has a thing or two to say about bedtime!

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Playing Ball

Well I never thought I’d see these two playing ping pong!

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Dinner Time!

This group of dogs are extremely well behaved.

Just see what happens at dinner time.

Here’s a great video of another well trained doggie.

Two Legged Boxer’s First Trip to the Beach

Duncan Lou Who the Boxer puppy was born with severely deformed rear legs that had to be removed. But this doesn’t stop him having a fabulous time at the beach with his friends.

It’s incredible the speed he reaches while running and we see with the slow motion footage  how agile he is.

This amazing dog is truly an inspiration to us all.

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Funny Comparison Between Dogs and Cats

An hilarious compilation showing us the difference between dogs and cats.

And remember folks, this is just a bit of fun and should not be taken seriously!

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Alsation Drinking in Slow Motion

This is awesome! And such an eye-opener.

Great footage of an Alsation dog drinking in ultra slow motion.

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Kaia the Trail Dog

This is so lovely to watch.

Kaia and her human Bryan hit the woods for some fast action trail biking.

This adorable Collie soon gets the hang of it, could she the world’s fastest trail dog?

Here’s a great video of another amazing Border Collie.

Herbie and Jabby are in Love

This is absolutely adorable!

Herbie and Jabby are in love.

Herbie is Pitbull and Jabby is a horse!

What a sweet show of love and affection between animals

If you like Bulldogs you’ll love this video.