Isn’t This Husky Puppy Adorable – 18th March 2014

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First road trip for these two Goldie buddies – how cute are they?!

Goldies ready for road

Mind you don’t tread on that spot of yours!

Spot off

I love cuddles too.

Especially with you little puppy!

chubs pup

Is this gorgeous guy going to get more likes or more shares?

dapple doxie

Does this ever happen to you with your dog? Or something similar?

setter on wardrobe

Not quite the words I’d use but you are extremely cute!

i'm sexy and I know it

What a heart-warming picture….

thank you vet

Love this……


How adorable is this Chihuahua Poodle mix?

chihauha poodle mix

What a fantastic shot. Love all retrievers! 

retriver swimming


just a little husky

Isn’t this Husky puppy adorable?

husky puppy